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Core Product:
Storytelling Courses

Story Hobby originally launched in August of 2010. It was the first website that Jason Hamilton ever built, and he built it from HTML scratch. Naturally, it was hardly a competitive website, but it brought a major learning experience. Many of the websites under Story Hobby Media originally found their home on and then spun-off into their own website (such as Because this website was the first, and the most important to Jason Hamilton, it also became the basis of the name for Story Hobby Media, the overarching web business.

Story Hobby’s purpose is to provide freely available web courses related to storytelling. Whether it’s creative writing, filmmaking, or Adobe products, if it helps to tell a story, it will find a home on Story Hobby.

Story Hobby Content Strategy


Each course on has multiple lessons attached. The current content strategy involves developing one lesson per week. Each lesson includes:

  • A source material to study, curated from around the Internet.
  • A description and summary of the key points from that source.
  • A quiz to ensure understanding of the source.
  • An assignment to help the user perfect the technique.

We curate a vast library of learning resources for people to experience and then implement in their own practice. Thus we help perfect your hobby of storytelling.

Story Hobby Monetization Strategy

The website makes its money through various techniques. These methods include:

  • Ads: The site uses a small network of CPM ads (through Amazon).
  • Associate Links: Each lesson offers further reading materials, which can be purchased on Amazon.
  • Premium Content: Once the site establishes itself, we will start releasing premium content. Users may then purchase it for a small fee.

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