Jason Lee Hamilton

Jason Lee Hamilton

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February, 2011

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Jason Hamilton


Jason Lee Hamilton is the founder and CEO of Story Hobby Media. JasonLeeHamilton.com is the primary website to learn about him and his accomplishments.

On the website, you will find Jason’s resume, a list of qualifications, and his own personal blog. This blog serves as a catch-all for content that doesn’t necessarily fit on any of his other sites. Most of the content comes from his own personal life, including an ongoing autobiography that is released in parts┬ábut may one day be published through various indie-publishing outlets. The blog also allows Jason to publish his thoughts on current events or his personal outlook on various philosophies. In short, it is his personal writing space.

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Additionally, Jason specializes in content marketing. While there is no outlet set up to do this yet, he is poised to start consulting on these services. This site serves as one way for you to contact him personally if you want his help on any of the web-related projects. Hit the link above to do so.

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