Argo Force

Argo Force

December 2016

Core Product:
Serial Fiction, Books

Argo Force is a website devoted to the third part of our mantra: “create.” It is the one-stop shop for all of the fiction created by Jason Hamilton. Each of the stories found on the website, from the serialized superhero story Alice, to other books published through our unique imprint, is a part of the Argo Force Universe.

Argo Force is a shared universe of stories. We have published some already through the website. We will self-publish many more in the future. The primary product of is the superhero story about Alice. We publish the serial every month, and it follows the character of Alice from her birth to maturity. It stands apart from other stories because it tells the complete life of Alice, starting from her birth. This is unlike most superheroes stories that start once the character has already reached adulthood.

Argo Force launched in December 2016 with select short fiction. The main Alice serial began in January of 2017. We expect to publish collections of the story, as well as other original novels, later in 2017.

Argo Force Content Strategy

In addition to novels and fiction, Argo Force uses a specific content strategy to provide regular content updates each week on a Monday. This plan includes the following:

  • 1st Monday: The Alice Serial. We continue the story of Alice on the first Monday of every month.
  • 2nd Monday: Background Information. Similar to a brief Wikipedia entry, this post adds additional details about various characters, organizations, items, places, or events.
  • 3rd Monday: Become a Superhero. We want to get people involved in the community, so we also write posts about how others can become a force for good in their own community.
  • 4rd Monday: News. On the fourth Monday of the month, we update readers on anything newsworthy.
  • 5th Monday: An additional story. On the rare occasion that there is a fifth Monday in the month, we provide an additional ongoing story that relates to Argo Force. This story remains separate from the Alice serial.

This is, of course, in addition to the regular release of indie-published books, which we expect to see at a rate of one per year.

Argo Force Monetization Strategy

The website makes its money through various techniques. These methods include:

  • Ads: The site uses a small network of CPM ads (through Amazon).
  • Sales: Once collections of the Alice serial and other books are available, the primary source of revenue will come with sales of these products.
  • Patreon: Engaged readers have the choice to contribute to the Patreon campaign, which includes exclusive rewards for those who participate.

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