Who Are We?

Who Are We?

What is Story Hobby Media?

Story Hobby Media is the umbrella organization that operates a variety of websites, including our core trinity: AllTimelines.com, ArgoForce.com, and StoryHobby.com. For a full list of the websites under the Story Hobby Media banner, visit our websites page.

Our Story

The first iteration of StoryHobby.com

StoryHobby.com was the first website ever owned by Jason Lee Hamilton, the founder and current CEO of Story Hobby Media. It was Jason’s first foray into web building and he first coded purely in HTML and CSS (see the included screenshot). The site launched in August of 2010. It was a short time later that he discovered the benefits of a CMS (content management system).

Since then, Jason has been learning everything he can about content production and marketing. StoryHobby.com remained as an experimental website for a while, with certain content spun-off into its own website.  AllTimelines.com, for example, used to be part of StoryHobby.com before it became its own site.

The central purpose of StoryHobby.com was to provide¬†tips to learn storytelling. That is still the purpose. However, as other ideas developed, it became necessary to create a network of websites. Jason’s interests revolve around the media, and so all of the websites found under the SHM umbrella relate to the media in some way.

Now Story Hobby media acts as our umbrella organization. It also serves as a home for discussions of web content production and marketing. See our blog for tips on turning your passion into a successful website.