Introducing Story Hobby Media

Introducing Story Hobby Media

Welcome to Story Hobby Media! For the past few months, I’ve started to recognize the need to create an umbrella organization to house all of my websites. I’ve created several over the years, some of which are starting to see success. I have the distant dream of self-employing myself someday. This probably won’t happen for several years, but it’s a definite goal.

As such, I realized I needed something to call my business. I didn’t want to name a business after any one of my websites because each one served a specific purpose, and could be obsolete¬†within a few years. I needed something that would remain even after all my current websites are gone, something under which all future web projects could live. That’s how I came up with the idea for Story Hobby Media. Named after my first website,, the name perfectly encapsulates the focus of my web projects: to consume, critique, and create media as a fun hobby, and to help others do the same.

The Websites

There are currently five websites under the Story Hobby Media umbrella (including this one). Most of my work goes into three of these websites that I call the SHM Trinity:

  • – Where I provide easy-to-follow timelines that list popular franchises in chronological order.
  • – Where I create my own fictional universe.
  • – Where I build lessons and courses for people to learn more about storytelling.

I also have this site and as more promotional websites. Their focus is to promote my other websites or my own resume. also gives me an outlet for my more personal writings.

Most of my content will be part of the SHM Trinity, but I will occasionally post to this website with tips on producing and marketing web content. That is a subject I have learned a lot about over the years. It’s something I can give back to others who want to build websites.

This website is far from finished at the moment. The front page will likely change a bit, and I’m waiting on an official logo. But feel free to look around, and especially have a look at my other websites under the Story Hobby Media umbrella. Additionally, though I’m not fully set up for it yet, I plan to provide consulting services. Since I’m still technically a hobbyist, I’m not currently charging for these consulting services. However, I can’t take on any large projects at the moment because I’m currently balancing full-time work, part-time school, and these websites. So please bear that in mind.


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